Wilcox's Beardtongue
(Cascade Penstemon)
Penstemon wilcoxii Rydb.

Collected near Kamiah in Idaho Co., Idaho, on 20 May 1806. (Source)

Wilcoxs' Penstemon is a wildflower with one to several narrow stems which rise in a cluster to 100 cm in height. The basal leaves are large, to 20 cm in length. They are long and elliptical to deltoid in shape, with long petioles which account for about one-half the leaf length. All the leaves are serrately margined. The stem leaves are often as large as those at the base, but lanceolate to heart-shaped with clasping bases. The inflorescence is a broadly spreading panicle, consisting of up to ten or more flowered cymes. The corolla is blue to purple, with a pale throat and yellow hairs. They are up to 2.3 cm in length. The corolla is definitely two-lipped.

Wilcox's Penstemon is found on rocky slopes to thick forests from the foothills to subalpine elevations in the mountains. It ranges from Wilcox's Penstemon is found from northeastern Oregon northward extreme eastern Washington, eastward through most of Idaho (north of the Snake River) into western Montana.  (Source)