Clustered Elkweed
Frasera fastigiata (Pursh) A. Heller

Collected on the Weippe Prairie in Clearwater Co., Idaho, on 14 Jun 1806. (Source)

Clustered elkweed is a broad leaf, tout, glabrous, unbranched, deciduous, perennial, flowering plant with a stem 50-150 cm tall.   It's basal, thin, leaves are: lanceolate are 20-45 cm long with whorls of 3-5, reduced upward.  The flowers are blue or bluish-purple, 4-merous, tubular to campanulate (bell-shaped), numerous in large, narrow, congested panicle.   The fruits are ovoid with slightly compressed capsule12-18 mm long.  It blooms during May-July.

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