Cal Flora Photo

Three-Leaf Bitterroot
Lewisia triphylla (S. Watson) B. L. Rob

Collected near Hungery Creek along the Lolo Trail in Idaho Co., Idaho, on 27 Jun 1806. (Source)

Annual or perennial herb, generally fleshy.  Sprigs of narrow, fleshly leaves with white to yellow, veined star-like flowers, numerous,  petals 5-9, 4-7mm long, with a swollen stem base at the end of the petiole. The stems are generally glabrous. It has basal leaves narrowly-linear, to 50mm, stem with 2-3, verticillate, linear leaves. The fruit is capsule, circmscissle or 2-3 valved.  It blooms in late spring and summer. Found on the rocky slopes of Western North America.