Tolmie's Onion
Allium tolmiei Baker

Reported on the Clearwater River Area 30 May1806. (Source)

It has two leaves which are usually wide, thickened, and flat in cross-section. In addition, the leaves are strongly sickle-shaped. The leaves also persist through the bloom period.. Individual leaves are 1 to 10 mm wide, and usually up to twice as long as the flower stem. The flower stem ranges from 5 to 25 cm tall. It is usually strongly flattened and often winged (in cross-section, the stem is rounded or wide in the middle, then flares to two thinned edges). The 2 or 3 bracts below the umbel are ovate to lanceolate, tapering to a point, and 5- to 19- rayed. The inflorescence is an umbel, with several to many flowers (See photo above right.). Individual flowers are 6 to 12 mm long, with 6 pink, narrow tepals which taper to points. The stamens range from 1/2 to nearly as long as the tepals.  Grown from bulbs.

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