Western Mountain Kitten's Tail
Synthyris missurica (Raf.) Pennell

Western mountain kitten's-tail  Collected along Hungry Creek below Willow Ridge in Idaho Co., Idaho, on 26 Jun 1806. Synonymy: Veronica missurica Raf., Veronica reniformis Pursh. (Source)

The western mountain kitten's tail is a perennial wildflower about 10 to 60 cm tall. The leaves are mostly basal, although several small, reduced leaves may be found below the infloresence. The basal leaves are long petiolate with cordate bases, and either somewhat round in shape to somewhat kidney-shaped. The leaf blades are palmately veined and about 2.5 to 8 cm long and about as wide. The leaf margins are shallowly to deeply toothed, with individual teeth often posessing even smaller teeth. The infloresence is elongate, with individual flowers having four sepals and four unequal corolla lobes. The individual petals are from 4 to 7 mm in length. The stem is often somewhat villous within the infloresence. The seed capsules are about 5 to 7 mm high and perhaps slightly wider. They are shallowly notched.

It is found in cool, shaded, moist sites in mid-montane forests generally between 4,000 and 6,000 feet.   It is found in a limited range in southeastern Washington,  Oregon, northern California, and north western and northern Idaho. (Source)

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