Canadian Prairie Wildflower Photo

Nuttall's Primrose
(White Stemmed Evening Primrose) 
Oenothera Nuttallii Sweet

Nuttall's primrose grows 18" to 36" tall, spread of 12".The four-petaled white flowers are over an inch wide, with prominent yellow reproductive organs. Dark green leaves are long and narrow. This is a bushy perennial that may reach a height of over three feet. The stems and branches are covered with a bark that looks like hard white enamel paint. White-stemmed evening primrose may be found in the dry prairie hills and rocky slopes, especially those that are somewhat sandy or gravelly and have patches of exposed soil. Good sized white flowers appear in July.  Grows in full sun. Each flower opens in the late morning, fades to pink by evening, lasts one day.  Found in the Central and Western North America.