Cushion or
Oval Leafed Buckwheat

The cushion buckwheat is a matted plant with basal leaves and tiny flowers, and it ranges from one to twelve inches in height. These heads grow from a long, leafless stem, and they are about one inch wide. The tiny flowers, which make up the head, are five-toothed cups, and each one is about 1/8 inch long with six petal-like segments. The leaves range from a half an inch to five inches in length. They vary from short and spatula-shaped without stalks, to long-stalked with round blades. The round heads the flowers range in colors from red to purple and cream.  The species takes several forms and  there are a half a dozen taxonomic varieties. Although color varies, all are characterized by their tightly formed heads and small oval leaves. Color also varies with location, season, maturity, and genetic variation, for the varieties tend to interbreed. The cushion buckwheat blooms during the months of May through August. The cushion buckwheat grows in open areas from Rocky Mountain slopes to sagebrush plains, and coniferous woodland. 

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