Matted Buckwheat
Eriogonum caespitosum Nutt.

Matted Buckwheat is a small perennial, grey-silver foliage plant of exposed alpine ridges. It forms low patches  ("caespitosum"  means "tuft-" or "mat-forming"),  and blooms in late summer. The flowers turn bright red as they age.. The species name "caespitosum" means "shrubby."  It blooms from May through August depending on the elevation.

Medicinal Use: 
Indians used a decoction from the leaves for headache and stomach pains. Tea from the leaves could be used externally for eyewash and internally for high blood pressure and bronchial ailments. The stems could be boiled and used for bladder trouble.

Value for Wildflowers:
The flowers, leaves and seeds are all used by all the smaller animals.

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