Nuttall' s Linanthastrum (A. Grey) Ewan
Linanthastrum Nuttallii

It is a many-branched perennial with a woody taproot.  The leaves are found on the stem, are five to nine cleft, and linear in shape, with a length to 2 cm. They appear whorled around the stems. The individual flowers are tubular, five-petaled, with the corolla limb about 1 cm wide. The flower, which are sweetly aromatic, are white or creamy and clustered in clumps at the ends of the stems. It is found in open or sparsely wooded, often rocky slopes at middle and upper elevatons in the mountians sometimes near the timberlines. Blooms from June through August.  Nuttall reported the plant as in the Bear River Hills. Ewan reported Nuttall' s Lanthastrum to be of the type found locally in Bannock Co. and Caribou Co., Idaho.