Wildflowers of Sun Valley Idaho

Sagebrush Bluebells
Mertensia oblongifolia (Nutt.) G. D

The Leafy Bluebell  is one of the most commonly encountered early spring flowers. The blue-to-purplish blooms are found throughout sagebrush-covered foothills, at lower elevations, up to about 7000. It has five sepals that enclose five petals. These form a tube that flares abruptly into the free part of the petals. The tube is longer and the flare less pronounced in this than in some of the other species.  Located open or slightly shaded places win the planes and foothills, often with sagebrush or with ponderosa pine.

Food Uses
Flowers - raw. Leaves - raw or cooked. The leaves are rather hairy and are not so nice when eaten raw..

It is a rather difficult plant to grow, it is best in a moist position with some shade.

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