Sky Pilot
Polemonium viscosum  Nutt.

Low perennial from a stout taproot and usually many branched. Has purple, broadly funnel-shaped flower with orange anthers and compound leaves with loose clusters of violet flowers which crown a 4 to 18 inch stem. The funnel-shaped flowers are 1/4 inch wide, with 5 rounded lobes and fire stamens.  Each leaf contains 30 to 40 whorled, roundish leaflets and is somewhat sticky.  The crushed plant has an unmistakable skunk smell.  It flowers from  June and to early August..  It grows on highest peaks from 9,000 to 12,000 in protected rock crevices. It is found throughout the Rocky Mountain states.

Recently matured seeds should be sown on the surface of outdoor flats of sandy soil in the fall and covered with a light sprinkling of soil.  The seedling are then moved to their permanent locations in the late summer.  The Sky Pilot tolerates partial to very light shade.

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