Wildflowers of  Sun Valley

Small Flower Prairie Star
Lithophragma parviflora Nutt.

The Small Flower Fringecup is an attractive perennial with long erect stems arising from clusters of cleft basal leaves. The plantís long stem arises from a basal rosette of similarly lobed leaves. The herbage is often densely glandular-pubescent and commonly purple above. The basal leaves are moderately to abundantly haired, especially on the lower surface. The petioles of the basal leaves are 1 to 2 inches long, with the blades 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches. The blades are cleft, often nearly to the middle into 3-5 divisions which are further cleft into several smaller divisions. The 1-3 stem leaves usually have narrower leaf segments, with the upper leaf nearly sessile. The inflorescence is at first crowded at the top of the stem, but elongates into a raceme as much as 6 inches long and 5-11 flowered. The calyx is wide at its throat, but tapers gradually to the stem. The 5 petals are white to pink, usually slightly unequal. The individual petals are cleft 3-5 times, giving the petals a tattered appearance.  It blooms from April through August according to the altitude. It is a mountain plant, scattered  in generous numbers throughout our area, located in relatively cool, moist places in rich loam soils, in woodlands, mountain meadows, and along stream banks.

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