Smooth Prairie Star

Lithophragma glabrum  Nutt.

Smooth prairie star is an attractive perennial with stems arising 1 to 12 inches from a cluster of small basal leaves. The stems and inflorescence are often purple-tinged in color, and the herbage is sparsely to thickly glandular-hairy throughout. The basal leaves are cleft to the base into 5 segments which are individually lobed; they are smooth-surfaced to very lightly haired. With petioles, the basal leaves are from 1/2 to 1 inch long with blades from up to about 1 inch wide. The 2-5 stem leaves are similar to the basal leaves, but reduced in size. They may bear several small reddish-purple bulblets within their axils. Grows in rich soils in grassy area of scrub and woodland vegetation types, often in Aspen Groves, 800-3050 mountain.  Found throughout Idaho.

The inflorescence is usually a cluster of 2-5 flowers grouped closely near the tip of the stem  The flowers bear 5 white to pinkish-tinged very short petals. The petals are 3-5 cleft, with each division further divided, often deeply, giving the petals a tattered look.

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