Snowy Fleabane
Erigeron speciosus (Lindl.) DC
var. macranthus (Nutt.) Cronq

Bracts of Showy Daisy are hairy and they are usually blue to lilac, with a yellow center.  With the largest flowers of the species - up to 3 across, it is also the showiest. The  flowers are formed by 60-150 thin petals surrounding a flat, golden central disc Each stalk may bear 1 to 12 heads.  They have numerous leaves withy are lance shaped or narrower.  The bottom of the plant is leafy and the flowering stems are leafless. It flowers from the latter part of June through the first part of August. Found in dry to moist open areas or open woods from foothills to 9,000 feet. they are very easy to grow. The plant was located by Wyeth and sent to Nuttall.  Specimen found on Fort Hall Indian Reservation in southeast Idaho.