Spiny Skeletonweed

Lygodesmia spinosa Nutt.

Spiny Skeletonweed is a perennial with several stems, which are many-branched. The branches are rigid and very spiny tipped. The lower leaves are linear and entire, less than 3 cm long. The flowers are pink to reddish-purple, the heads consisting of 3 to 5 ray flowers. Dry, exposed rocky areas. Spiny Skeletonweed is found scattered throughout the west from southern British Columbia, south to the east of the Cascade Mts to California, and eastward to through Idaho to western Montana.

Medicinal Uses
The roots are diaphoretic. A decoction of the crushed roots has been used in the treatment of colds. A decoction of the crushed root has been used as a herbal steam bath to cause sweating in the treatment of colds, mumps and tuberculosis. The leaves and stems are astringent and emetic. A decoction of the plant tops has been used in the treatment of diarrhea. The decoction has been used externally as an eyewash. A poultice of the cottony fuzz (probably the seed floss) has been applied to sores and boils to promote their healing. The cottony fuzz has also been placed in the cavity of an aching tooth to relieve the pain

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