Thickstem Astor
Aster Integrifolius Nutt.

Thickstem aster is a leafy, perennial forb ascending eight to 20 inches from a stout rootstock. The reddish stems are somewhat glabrous at the base and glandular-hairy at the top into the inflorescence. Basal leaves are large, narrow, lance-shaped, entire, wavy and taper to a winged stalk, while the upper leaves are oblong, stalkless and somewhat clasp the stem. The flower heads clustered at the end of the stem have a ragged appearance. Each flower head has 10 to 27 deep bluish-purple ray flowers with a small center of yellow disk flowers. Not easily confused with other asters.  It flowers in the latter part of June through most of August. It grows in moist, rich soil, usually in dry meadows,  open woods to foothills to around 9,000 feet in mountains. Nuttall reported the Thickstemed Astor in the Rocky Mountains.

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